The Office of 制度效能及评估 at pg电子游戏试玩 is charged with providing ongoing leadership and assistance for educational and administrative support units with developing, 安排, 分析, and completing institutional effectiveness and assessment reports. Institutional effectiveness and assessment is an integral part of the institution’s accreditation process as defined by SACSCOC, 我们的地区认证机构.

另外, the assessment reports provide an array of institutional information to various constituencies. 这些报告的目的是:

The Office of 制度效能及评估 staff is committed to providing relevant training, research-based guidance about institutional effectiveness and assessment, 项目评审, and ideas about institutional improvement to all education and administrative support units at pg电子游戏试玩.


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Student 学习 Outcomes (SLOs) for academic assessment are written to assess what students should know or be able to do once they complete the 程序.


The Office of 制度效能及评估 offers TracDat workshops in February, 6月, 和每年的十月. 我们将发送有关研讨会日期的信息, 次, and locations to the university community about around these months.

No. 每个结果应采用多种测量方法. Using more than one measurement will allow you to triangulate your results.

INCORRECT “The 程序 will include instruction on oral communication techniques.”(文献)

正确:在项目完成后, 学生将发展必要的口头沟通技巧.”(以)


INCORRECT “研究生s will be competitive in obtaining employment in a field relevant to their major and admission to a graduate 程序.

CORRECT “研究生s will be competitive in obtaining employment in a field relevant to their major.”

CORRECT “研究生s will be competitive in obtaining admission to a graduate 程序.

是的. The Assessment Cycle can be found at at the “Assessment Cycle” link under Related Information. 记住,你必须留出足够的时间来评估.

No. 成绩和评估不是同义词. Grades do not provide meaningful data on what the student learned. Assessments provide specific data on the objectives that have been learned.


This workshop is designed to help individuals learn or review the major features of the Nuventive Improve system. 请点击传单上的任何地方进行注册.


Administrative and Academic Support 服务 units are required to engage in assessment activities to demonstrate continuous improvement of student success and university functions, 无论是直接还是间接. 另外, assessment provides evidence that each unit is supporting institutional-level strategic planning activities.